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Screened Porches

At Kounty Line Builders, we recognize the importance of innovative solutions for screen porches, and that's why we proudly endorse the Screen Tight system.

Developed and patented by a remodeling contractor who envisioned a superior approach to designing, installing, and maintaining screen porches, this system has earned the trust of millions of homeowners, handymen, and professional builders.


The Screen Tight system offers simplicity and ease of installation.

It comprises a base attached to existing porch framing and a cap available in various colors that effortlessly attaches on top. Once the base is secured, the screen is rolled into place, and the cap snaps into position. For detailed installation instructions, explore the process on our website.

We prioritize high quality and cost-effectiveness in every project. The Screen Tight system is crafted from the finest UV-resistant window-grade vinyl. The comprehensive materials needed for screening your porch cost approximately $2.00 per square foot, covering fiberglass screen, spline, all Screen Tight components, and screws.

Enjoy the convenience of simple re-screening without the hassle of staples. Unlike conventional porch screening methods that involve staples and easily breakable wood lattice, Screen Tight utilizes a vinyl cap. This cap can be effortlessly removed and snapped back into place during re-screening, ensuring a quick and efficient replacement process.

Choose Kounty Line Builders for your screen porch projects, and let us introduce you to the quality, innovation, and durability of the Screen Tight system. Transform your porch into a space that combines functionality with a seamless and visually appealing design.

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